Manatee Park

About 4 km from the house, in a beautiful park setting, is a large lagoon that is home to the largest concentration of Antillean Manatees in the country.  The site is managed by the Ministry of the Environment, who will accompany visitors to a viewing deck, overlooking the mangrove-lined lagoon.

Ziplining & Monkey Jungle

Two great attractions in one place...and a day you will never forget!  Fly more than 4500 ft on one of the Caribbean's longest ziplines!  Includes a 50 foot vertical drop into a hidden bat cave.  Confront your fears...and test your courage!

Following your zipline adventure, interact with more than 30 adorable squirrel monkeys in a 5 acre botanical garden and natural monkey habitat located in an old grotto.  

Playa Ensenada

Only 2 km from Villa Nadine, Playa Ensenada is a 1km stretch of nearly white sand and tranquil water, within a natural cove and protected by offshore coral reefs.  It’s a great spot for kids as the water is clear, calm and shallow for hundreds of yards.  Discover hidden snorkeling spots with absolutely pristine water and underwater coral.

Dozens of food stalls line the beach serving all types of freshly caught seafood, including king crab, lobster and lambi (conch) – a Dominican delicacy.  If you've never had lambi, you don't know what you're missing; it’s a seafood delight. Walk along the beach and pick the freshest looking and ask for the best price. They will prepare it for you and direct you to a table on the beach. What a great way to spend the day!

27 Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua

One of the best kept secrets in the Dominican Republic, the Twenty Seven Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua, a fairytale-like labyrinth of tunnels and caves against a backdrop of  tropical mountain scenery.  A scenic drive from Villa Nadine takes you to the falls through stunning mountainous landscape and rolling stalks of sugar cane field.

Once there, you’ll be outfitted with safety equipment by the guides and then enjoy an adventure swimming through sparkling lagoons and caves, climbing up waterfalls, and then canyoning back down the falls, sliding or jumping into the cool water below.  The guides are amazing and will make sure that you have a great time.  You will be amazed that nature could be so incredible and wondrous, and such great fun!

Swim, fish, walk, explore; stunning natural scenery, tropical vegetation and amazing white sand beaches; Villa Nadine is the perfect place to explore the spectacular Dominican North Coast.  There’s a virtually unlimited array of trips or activities, a few of which are mentioned below.  

Of course…you can always decide to do absolutely nothing!

La Isabela is also the site of the oldest Christian church in the western hemisphere, and the New World’s first Christian cemetery.  Both Spaniards and Tainos were buried here, and in one grave a Christian skeleton was exhumed.



The waters off the Dominican Atlantic coast are well known for excellent deep sea fishing, and Punta Rucia is the perfect starting point.  Depending on the season, you can catch Barracuda, Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Shark and even Marlin is possible!  Equipment and bait is provided.

 Never cleaned a fish before? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to clean your catch, and prepare it for dinner that evening!

La Isabela

Explore history at La Isabela, the first European town established in the Americas; settled by Christopher Columbus and 1500 of his followers in 1494, during his 2nd voyage to the New World.  A short drive from Villa Nadine, the site is now a protected national park; Parque Nacional Histórico La Isabela,  containing the remains of the original settlement, including the shell of the residence belonging to Columbus.  Covered with a thatched awning, the ruin shows that he lived in a modest dwelling made of packed earth and stone.

The park’s museum contains a small, but well-maintained display of artifacts, including pottery, arrowheads and a model of Columbus’s ship, the Santa Maria.

We love kids, and we want to make sure that they’re having fun when they’re here.  So, we have a whole range of “kid certified” activities available to keep them occupied.

Babysitting Service -
Sure, we watch them – but we make sure they’re having fun too.  Like looking for starfish in the safe shallow waters in front of the house, or taking a trip to see if we can locate the Manatees at the local park.  Or just hanging out  - swimming.

Snorkeling –
Equipment and instruction provided.  They’ll be experts before you know it.

Food –
Tell us what they like to eat…or don’t like to eat.  But maybe we’ll get them to try something a little different.

Spanish Interaction with the local kids –
They’ll be the envy of their Spanish class when they go home.