Paradise Island Excursion

If you have ever thought about snorkeling just one time in your life…this is the place.  A magical place where brilliantly colored fish fill the crystal clear water surrounding Paradise Island. 

The adventure starts with an exhilarating 10 km boat ride out into the Atlantic Ocean where an ultra white soft sand island gently rises from dazzlingly clear turquoise water. 

There’s a good reason it’s called Paradise Island, as it will feel like you are in Paradise, spending a few hours on a tropical desert island, soaking up the sun, and getting close and personal with the myriad of tropical fish that abound in the water around the island.  Common species include different types of vividly colored angel fish, the porcupine spiked balloon fish and the long slender trumpet fish, which change colors between the branches of the coral. If you’re lucky, don’t be surprised if you see a spotted eagle ray swim past you, as well as green moray eels, lobsters and crabs. Turtles, massive sponges and starfish are other common finds, as well as grouper, maybe a Lionfish or even a nurse shark, though they are nocturnal and may be hidden under submerged ledges or in crevices within the reef.

Return to Villa Nadine cruising through the stunning vista of the lush tropical green mangroves and hidden pools that line the mountainous coastline. This will be a day to remember for the rest of your lives, no trip to the Dominican Republic would be complete without this experience.